Waec Gce 2018 Geography (Obj and Essay) Answers – Jan/Feb Expo


Waec Gce 2018 Geography (Obj and Essay) Answers – Jan/Feb Expo



I)It creates better accessibility to markets.
Ii)It creates employment and additional investments.
Iii)It leads to reduction in economic cost of commodities.
Iv)Transportation links together the factors of production in a complex web of relationships between producers and
v)It leads to improvement in communication of skills and ideas.

i)It limits diffusion of ideas and technology: Poor transportation limits the diffusion of the new ideas and technology or innovations which contributes to economic growth
ii)It limits industrial growth: Poor transportation does limit industrial growth as raw materials, services and finished goods are not easily transported to the points of their need.
iii)It discourages investors: Investors are usually discouraged where there are poor development in transportation
iv)Inadequate exploitation of natural resources: Poor transportation can limit effective exploitation of natural resources in the area which tends to affect the Economic growth of a nations
v)inefficient transportation
increases the costs of commodities.

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I)The absence of the tse-tse fly on the open grassland allows for rearing of animals.
Ii)Availability of Minerals such as kaolin, gypsum, limestone, laterite, red
mills, phosphate both yellow and green, shade clay, sand allow for situation of cement industry in the area.
Iii)Large scale farming can also be practiced in the state using irrigation water from dams.
Iv)Farming activities due to availability of fertile land.
i)inadequate rainfall makes farming difficult
ii)high temperature results to drought
iii)problem of desert encroachment due to nearness to sahara desert
iv)inadequate rainfall makes living to be difficult.
i)provision of adequate basic facilities
ii)industrialization of the area
iii)improving their medical facilities
iv)improvement of agricultural activities in
the area.

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drawing coming
I)poor transportation and communication links
Ii)taste for foreign goods
Iii)low level of technology
Iv)Government policies that are not friendly to industrial development.
v)inadequate capital,
I)Improvement of transportation and communication links
Ii)Banning of importation of certain goods
Iii)Improvement in level
of technology
Iv)Changing Government policies that are not friendly to industrial development.
v)Provision of adequate capital to entrepreneurs by government in form of loan

Characteristic of Domestic trade
i)Domestic trade is carried on within the
boundaries of one country.
ii)In Domestic trade goods are carried on from one place to another place through railways and roadways.
iii)In Domestic trade payment is made or
received in local currency.
iv)In Domestic trade wide choice of goods are available.
Characteristics of International Trade:
i)Separation of Buyers and Producers
ii)Foreign trade involves payments in foreign currency.
Imports and exports involve a number of restrictions but by
different countries.
iv)there is Need for Middlemen:
I)By use of improved means of transportation and communication links
Ii)By the use of fixed currencies
Iii)Improvement in the level of technology.


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