How To check JAMB Market Place To See If Other Institutions Have considered You For Admission


“JAMB CAPS Market Place consideration” that is what this page will help you to understand. If you have checked your JAMB admission status on CAPS Portal and it’s still showing NOT ADMITTED then you need to check your JAMB CAPS Market Place to see if others institution has considered you for admission.

Wait, what is JAMB CAPS Market Place and of what use is it to you?. JAMB Caps Market Place is where JAMB place you in the open market for other institutions to consider you for admission even when you did not apply for the institution. How JAMB does this is by sharing your JAMB score with other institutions to consider you for admission.

JAMB Market Place Consideration

This is where JAMB place you in their market for admission consideration by other institutions. These institutions will now consider you for admission base on their admission requirements and your JAMB score. Just like some institutions perk their cut off marks high for a particular course, some other institutions also perks their cut off mark low for that same course.

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JAMB 2018/19 Registration guide and requirements

The JAMB Caps Market Place is a new policy develop by JAMB for institutions to request to offer a candidate who has up to their cut off mark admission. A candidate who has been considered for admission on the JAMB Caps Market Place is thereby expected to either Reject/Accept the Admission. Once a candidate Accept an admission, he/she is no longer place in the Caps Market Place for Admission Considerations.

How to know if you have been considered for admission in Jamb Caps Marketplace consideration.

Once you login to your JAMB Profile and click on the MArketplace, you will see a message like:

The following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept / reject button, to either accept or reject the offer. Please be informed that, accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be considered for admission by the institution. No Data Returned !

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If any Institutions have considered you for admission, the institutions will be displayed on the JAMB Marketplace in which you can either accept/reject the admission. Accepting the Admission does not completely means that you have been admitted but it simply means that you have been considered for admission in that institutions.

Note: Please, if you don’t like the institution that considers you for admission, don’t accept it.

Check your JAMB CAPS and Accept/Reject your Admission


Here are the simple steps to access your JAMB CAPS Marketplace with your mobile phone

Visit and enter your login details

Make sure you enter your collect email address and password you used while creating your JAMB Profile

After a successful login, click on the 4 dash on the top right-hand corner of your mobile browser

A drop-down will appear, under Admission, you will see CAPS

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Click on CAPS, you will only see Welcome but don’t panic, click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of your browser and tick the Desktop site box.

On the left-hand corner of your mobile browser – Click On Marketplace

Your information on JAMB Market Place consideration will be displayed right on your screen.

How to Check your JAMB Market Place Consideration with a PC

Here are the steps to follow and check your Jamb caps marketplace consideration with a PC

Visit enter your login details

Login with your correct JAMB Profile login details

Once you’re login, Click on CAPS

When the page open, Click on Marketplace

And that’s all about how to access your Jamb marketplace consideration.

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