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Neco 2018 Literature In English Obj & Prose Answers – June /July Expo


Lit obj



NOTE: Please You Are To Answer Only Two(2) Questions.
One In Each Section

Father Jerome is a devout, intelligent, and kind-hearted friar in one of Otranto’s two convents.He is formerly prince of Falconara, now a priest. Called to give absolution to the condemned Theodore, he discovers that Theodore is his own son, born before he entered the Church.
Jerome sees through Manfred’s attempts to manipulate him and attempts to deceive Manfred to protect Isabella. When this results in Theodore’s death sentence, it sets in a motion a series of events in which Jerome sees a mark on Theodore’s shoulder, realizes that Theodore is his long lost son, and reveals his own past identity as the Count of Falconara. After Manfred kills Matilda, Jerome reveals that Theodore has a stronger claim to the throne than Frederic, because Jerome’s wife (Theodore’s mother) was Alfonso’s daughter. Throughout the story, Jerome acts as a true man of faith and goodness, working to protect others and counseling against greed and lust.

i)-The Rat-
Native Son opens with an important scene that gives us one of Book One’s most significant symbols: the rat. Bigger and his family are waking up together, and they suddenly spot a rat. After a few chaotic moments of chasing the rat – and the rat attempting to fight back and defend its life – Bigger ultimately kills the rat with a frying pan. We can read the rat as Bigger himself, as he is clearly trying to survive, but is seen as a nuisance. This is how Bigger perceives that white people see him and other black people: as nuisances that are best kept out of the way and might face danger if they enter the world of white people.

ii)-The Plane-
Not long after Bigger ventures outside his house that morning, he and his friend Gus spot an airplane that is engaged in sky-writing. They comment on how hard it is to see the plane and how far away it must be. The two then go on to talk about the unlikelihood of black people getting to fly airplanes, a job that is reserved for white people:
” ‘I could fly a plane if I had a chance,’ Bigger said. ‘If you wasn’t black and if you had some money and if they’d let you go to that aviation school, you could fly a plane,’ Gus said.” The combination of the description of the airplane and the following conversation indicates that the plane is a symbol for far-off, unreachable goals.

iii)-The Pigeon-
After the airplane scene, we move quickly to the next important symbol in Book 1: the pigeon, which Bigger and Gus see as they continue to walk down the street together. We read: ”a slate-colored pigeon swooped down to the middle of the steel car tracks and began strutting to and fro with ruffled feathers, its fat neck bobbing with regal pride. A street car rumbled forward and the pigeon rose swiftly through the air on wings stretched so taut and sheer that Bigger could see the gold of the sun through their translucent tips.” the ability to fly away from the forces in his own life that he feels are trying to crush him, just as the pigeon escaped the street car.

i)The sorrows of widowhood: This is the most obvious central idea of the story. Bayo Adebowale took his time to x-ray the parlous circumstances surrounding the state of widowhood. In many African societies, widows are regarded by the relatives of their dead husbands as the cause of the death of their husbands. When a man dies, his wife must have done something wrong to cause his death.

ii)Victimisation and oppression of women: In many African societies, men see themselves as superior beings who should be held in high esteem by their inferior beings―women. A man cannot die a natural death; a woman must be the cause of his death through her sins. Therefore, the woman must be made to suffer humiliation, insult and assault.

iii)Rural-urban migration: This theme is exemplified in the relationship between Alani and his mother Yaremi. Alani lives and works

Neco 2018 English Language Obj, Oral & Theory Answers – June /July Expo


English obj




1)A cousin of your in SS2 is discovered to be pregnant and her father has threatened to send her out of the house. Write a letter go pacify the father and suggests what you think can be done to salvage the situation.

2)Write an article suitable for publication in a national daily on the plight of the internally displace person (IDP) in Nigeria suggest how to rehabilitate them

3)the literary and debating society of your school is organising a debate on the topic pen robbery is worse than armed robbery write your argument for or against the motion

4)Write a story that perfectly illustrates the saying: To err is human to forgive is Divine

the brother who has squandered his inheritance was being given red-carpet treatment upon his return, while he, who had toiled faithfully for his father had nothing to show for it.

The world needs more leaders with the mentality of the boy’s father. He knew that his son had done wrong but hoped that the boy would return one day.

He prepared for his return. There was a fattened calf and a robe waiting. The boy must have been stinking like a pig from his close association with the animals; that did not matter to his father.

Instead of asking him to account for the wealth he had entrusted, the father welcomed him home.
On his part, the boy knew that he had done wrong. Long before he started the journey home, he thought of the apology he would give to his father for all the things he had done wrongly. He was also prepared to make amends.

The boy also expected to be placed in a lower position than he had been in. One of the lessons here is that of taking personal responsibility for our actions. Most people will look for excuses for their mistakes. It is crucial to carry out an honest self-evaluation and decide what went wrong and how you will make amends for it.

Then there is the other brother who had worked for his father without having been given anything for his work. Don’t we have such people in organisations? They are people who wonder when they will be recognised for their work.

The father said wisely that everything that was in the farm belonged to the boy. All of us should work with the mentality of an owner, and not of a worker.
Organisations are about people, and people are known to make mistakes. Some people are entrusted with huge responsibilities, and when they make a mistake, there are several people waiting to bring them down. I challenge you to look for the best in others, to anticipate that they will turn out alright and to rejoice when people try to make amends for the wrongs they have done.
After all, to err is human: to forgive is divine


5a )
The first category of woman are coping with ease while the second category are coping with difficulty

5bi )
The fourth category were sub merged by problems

They were suffering from depression

5ci )
A woman is expected to run her home and be a good wife

5cii )
She is expected to contribute to family income

A woman is expected to perform in a Society where she is regarded as inferior to her make counterpart

5e )
GN : Adverbial Claus of time
GF : it modifies the verb exhibit

5f )
Ameliorate of adverse effect

5gi )
Every family members should assist doing house chores

Woman should relax once in a year .

5i )
i ) various – — numerous
ii) categories classes/ levels
iii ) submerged – — saddled
iv ) efficiency – – — effectively
v) aouse — – debilitating
vi ) vigour – — strength

i) the teachers in primary and secondary schools lack a wider education training
ii) the use of vernacular as a communication language in teaching of other subjects in the school

i) it is used as the only official language
ii) it is the language used in teaching and communication in school

i) Nigerian Government should collaborate with English speaking countries to cone and organize intensive English language training program for teachers

ii) Examination bodies should proficiency in the use of English language even in other subject

2017/18 Session: Igbinedion University Reschedules 2nd Semester Examination


Igbinedion University, Okada (IUO) has rescheduled the date for the commencement of second semester, 2017/2018 academic session examination. Igbinedion University 2nd semester exam was postponed to give room to all indebted students to complete their payments.

Arising from appeals and pleadings from students yet to pay requisite fees for the session, the University Management has magnanimously granted a rescheduling of the Second Semester 2017/2018 session’s Examination from Friday 8 th June to Friday 15 th June 2018.

All indebted students are enjoined to make full use of this opportunity to ensure full payments of all fees owed the University during the period, failing which defaulters will not be eligible to write the Second Semester Examinations beginning Friday 15 th June 2018.

Provost, Deans and Heads of Academic Departments are urged to monitor compliance with the rescheduling and ensure that students are properly cleared via appropriate Examination Clearance Forms.

Management wishes: all students and staff a harmonious working together to end the 2017/2018 Academic Session.

Thank You.

2017/18 Session: BSU Announces New Matriculation Date


The Benue State University, Makurdi, BSUM matriculation ceremony for the 2017/2018 academic session. A new date has also been fixed for the orientation programme.

This is to inform all the first year students of the Benue State University, Makurdi (BSUM) that the management has announced a new date for the 2017/2018 matriculation ceremony and orientation programme.

BSUM 26th Matriculation Ceremony and Orientation Programme have been scheduled to hold as follows:

Date: Friday, 8th June, 2018
Time: 9am
Venue: Old Convocation Square.

Date:Wednesday 6th, and Thursday 7th June, 2018
Time: 10am
Venue: Old Convocation Square.

All Principal Officers, Provosts, College of Health Sciences and Members of the Senate shall process. Head of Units and other members of Staff are requested to attend the occasion.

Deans and Head of Departments are requested to liaise with the Directorate of ICT OR Faculty ICT Staff to access the list of registered students in their Faculty and Department. They should ensure that all qualified candidates of their respective programmes are properly registered.

2018/19 Session: UNIBEN Postgraduate Admission Form Is Out


The University of Benin (UNIBEN) is now selling application forms for admission into its various postgraduate programmes for the 2018/2019 academic session. UNIBEN postgraduate programmes lead to the award of Postgraduate Diploma, Masters degree and Ph.D DEGREES.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to the University of Benin, UNIBEN postgraduate programmes admission for the 2017/2018 academic session. The postgraduate programmes lead to the award of Postgraduate Diploma, Masters degree and Ph.D in the various Faculties/Schools/Institutes of the University of Benin.

Admission Requirements.

I. A Candidate for postgraduate studies in the university of Benin must have obtained at least five (5) credits in WASC, NECO, GCE (ordinary level or their equivalents,) A credit pass in Maths and English is required.

II. Four credits of Ordinary level plus OND (not pass), NCE, IJMB or Advance level passes.

III. A holder of a Pass (Degree/Diploma) is not qualified for admission into the postgraduate programme of the University of Benin. In addition, all holders of 3rd class degree must possess PGD to be considered for admission into the Masters programmes.

IV. Candidates who obtained Masters degree but with Weighted Average Score (WAS) between 55.0-59% can only be considered for admission into the M.Phil programme in the first instance.

V. A candidate applying for the Ph.D in any programme of the University of Benin must have obtained a weighted average score of 60% or letter grade ‘B’ average in the Masters degree.

VI. A candidate applying for the PhD with a Master’s degree from any other University who in his/her Master’s study has not previously taken the compulsory courses or their equivalents similar to the ones in the University of Benin shall on admission be required to offer and pass such courses with a minimum of 60% or letter grade ‘B’.

VII. Only students who have the NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate can be allowed to clear into the different courses.


Candidates should request their former Universities/Institutions to forward their academic transcript(s) to the “Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies” , to reach him not later than 8 weeks from the date of this publication.

Applications of candidates whose transcripts are not forwarded to the school shall not be processed.

Referees Reports

Candidates should request their referees to mail reports on them directly to . or the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies. Applications shall not be processed unless the referee reports are available. Note: students are advised to always check the
address/telephone when applying.
For Special Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Diploma, Masters degree and Ph.D in the various Faculties/Schools/Institutes of the University of Benin,

How to Apply for UNIBEN Postgraduate Admission.

Candidates are to purchase application forms online with valid VERVE OR MASTER ATM BANK CARD from any commercial bank in Nigeria for the sum of N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand naira only) .
The Application form must be correctly filled with all information required before submitting online and thereafter printed out from the UNIBEN portal at .

Candidates are expected to download Referee and Transcript Request Forms from the website and ensure that these forms are clearly filled with all information required, and send to Postgraduate School.

Any Application Form not properly filled will not be treated.

Candidates are to visit the website from 8th June 2018 .

All application processes must be completed on or before 31st August, 2018.


Only candidate given admission into the various Pg programmes are to proceed to pay the total amount of Non-Refundable Acceptance fees itemised below.

Bank/Portal Charges – 5,000.00
Admission clearance – 23,000.00
ICT Levy – 6,000.00
Development levy – 15,000.00
MTN Net Library – 1,000.00
Total – 50,000.00

Note: Acceptance fee must be paid before candidates can be cleared.

2018/19 Session: FUTA Pre-Degree Admission Form Is Out


The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) is now selling application forms into its pre-degree programme for the 2018/2019 academic session. FUTA Pre-degree science (PDS) Programme is full-time and will run for One Academic Session of Two (2) Semesters.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Pre-degree Science (PDS) Programme, Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), The Federal University of Technology, Akure.
FUTA Pre-degree Science (PDS) Programme is full-time and will run for One Academic Session of Two (2) Semesters.

During the Programme, candidates will have the opportunity to write the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination ( UTME) and MAY seek admission into the following Schools in the University:

School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (SAAT)

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET)

School of Environmental Technology (SET)

School of Earth and Mineral Sciences (SEMS)

School of Sciences (SOS)

School of Health and Health Technology (SHHT)

School of Computing (SCOM)

School of Management Technology (SMAT)

Admission Requirements.

Candidates should possess five Credit passes in WASC, NECO, GCE or equivalent at not more than two sittings in relevant subjects from:


FUTA Pre-Degree Available Courses.



Agricultural Resource and Economics (ARE)
Agricultural Extension and Communication (AEC)
Animal Production and Health (APH)
Crop, Soil and Pest Management (CSP)
Ecotourism and Wildlife Management (EWM)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology(FAT)
Food Science and Technology (FST)
Forestry and Wood Technology (FWT)


Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (AGE)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CVE)
Computer Engineering (COE)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME)
Mechanical Engineering (MEE)
Mining Engineering (MNE)
Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Architecture (ARC)
Building Technology (BDG)
Estate Management (ESM)
Industrial Design (IDD)
Quantity Survey (QSV)
Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
Surveying and Geo-informatics (SVG)


Applied Geology (AGY)
Applied Geophysics (AGP)
Marine Science and Technology (MST)
Meteorology and Climate Science (MCS)
Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics (RSG)
Biochemistry (BCH)
Biology (BIO)
Biotechnology (BTC)
Chemistry (CHE)
Mathematical Science (MTS)
Microbiology (MCB)
Physics (PHY)
Statistics (STA)

Human Anatomy (HUA)
Biomedical Technology (BMT)
Physiology (PHS)

Computer Science (CSC)
Cyber Security Services (CYB)
Information Technology (IFT)
Information Systems (IFS)
Software Engineering (SEN)

Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Project Management Technology (PMT)
Transport Management Technology (TMT)

How to Apply for FUTA Pre-Degree Admission.

1. Candidates are to visit . Click on CCE Portal and PDS Application form to Create an account.

2. Login into your account with your Username and Password. Click on Payment to generate invoice for the application form.

3. Candidates are to pay application fee of Fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00) excluding bank charges on e-transact in any bank on the e-transact platform.

4. Login to your account on-line to confirm payment and complete the on-line PDS application form.

5. Submit the Online application form and print out a copy of the Examination Schedule slip.

a. The application opens on Monday 4th June, 2018 and closes on Friday 21st September, 2018. All awaiting results candidates must upload their results on the on or before the closing date.

b. Entrance Examination will hold on Friday 28th September, 2018.

c. The underlisted helplines could be contacted for clarification on issue bordering on the registration. 07030347098; 08074254379 and 08189537808.

PRE-DEGREE FORMS : All completed online application forms with the required relevant documents should be submitted to not later than the closing date (Friday 21st September, 2018)

Ajayi Crowther University Establishes Linkages with University of Birmingham


The Vice-Chancellor, Rt. Rev. Prof Dapo Asaju visited the university of Birmingham during the week to discuss ACU’s staff and student linkage for study and research. He also arranged for the duplication of all CMS documents in custody of the Cadbury Special Library to Ajayi Crowther University which shall be the African Centre for Anglican Communion Studies.

He was guest at Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo at KICC, London in the evening of Sunday 4th June, 2018. We recall that in August 2017, the VC signed linkage MOU between Ajayi Crowther University and Morgan State University, Baltimore USA.

ACU, making giant strides!

See photos below

BREAKING: President Buhari Declares June 12th As New Democracy Day


President Muhammadu Buhari has declared June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day instead of May 29 as previously set by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Buhari also awarded presumed winner of the presidential election, the deceased Chief MKO Abiola and his running mate, Babagana Kingibe with the highest honour in the land, the GCFR and GCON respectively.

Efe Donates Classroom Desks To Two Primary Schools


The 2017 Big Brother Naija ‘See Goobe’ reality TV show winner, EFe Egeba, was reportedly seen donating class room desks to ECWA Primary School and RCM Kabong Primary School, Jos.

The BBN winner has this to say on his IG page;

“Today has been one of the most fulfilling days of my life. Had the opportunity to put smile on the faces of the kids in the city and community i grew up and call home, Jos. Donating classroom desks to two (2) primary schools, RCM Kabong Primary School and ECWA Primary School. It was a rewarding experience giving back and inspiring the children and leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who made this happen. God bless.

See What A Teacher Did To A 4-Year Old Pupil


A woman posted pictures of a 4-year old boy who was said to have been pushed down from his desk by his teacher. The boy ended up sustaining severe injuries.

As seen on the screen shot, the boy almost lost all of his front upper teeth. What could have made the teacher to behave in such an unproffessional manner is yet to be acertained.

It was gathered that after the incident, the teacher never bothered to contact the parents of the child even after seeing the gravity of what she did and the pain the child must be passing through.

The boy was left in pain until his mother came to the school to pick him and his siblings up after school.

We learnt that the two teachers handling the young boy’s class have already been suspended.

The question is what could the child have done to attract such inhuman treatment from the so called teacher.

Corps Member Who Escaped Fulani Herdsmen Massacre Shares His Ordeal


A Corps Member serving in Dan Anacha, Gassol Local Government area of Taraba state was thankful to God for saving his life from the Fulani Herdsmen massacre that occurred in his state of deployment. The young man shared his experience on his Facebook page yesterday.

In his post, he wrote; “My fellow corps members, make una help me and my co corpers in Dan Anacha, Gassol LGA of Taraba State thank God for his protection upon us last night herdsmen attack on the town, for complete two hours plus, bullets were raining like dews for heaven, though many tiv settlers were killed and score left with bullet wound and machetes cut, no Corps member was hurt….

It was like this American movie I do watch, mothers abandoning babies, father abandoning mother, children running for safety, rain of bullets every were

It wasn’t easy,
Market, houses set ablaze, blood flowing on tir road like water,..

Am very happy to be alive today, because if I was told last night that I will make It till this morning I won’t have believed

Make una help me thank God”.

Viral Photo of Female Corper Who Stepped Out With a Porsche For Clearance in Abuja


See viral photo of the NYSC Member who came to do her Clearance with a Porsche Cayman car Yesterday in Abuja.

A Twitter user who saw her quickly shared the picture on his twitter page.

Rumour has it that the exotic car is worth N20.5 million and it goes way higher than that depending on the year it was made.

Although the identity of the young lady is still unknown, but it has been hinted that she is from an elite family.

2018/19 Session: UNIBEN JUPEB Admission Form Is Out


The University of Benin (UNIBEN) JUPEB Admission Form for 2018/2019 Academic Session is out. The University, In collaboration with the JOINT UNIVERSITIES PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS BOARD (JUPEB), the University of Benin invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Foundation Programmes for the 2018/2019 Session.

The Programme leads to the award of the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) Certificate which enables candidates to gain Direct Entry Admission into 200 level of the degrees offered by the University of Benin and other JUPEB – affiliated Universities in Nigeria and universities abroad. The JUPEB Certificate is equivalent to the Advance Level GCE or the Old Higher School Certificate (HSC) or IJMB.

Admission Requirements

Candidates seeking admission into the JUPEB Foundation Programmes must possess minimum of 5 credit passes in at least five

(5) subjects at “O” Level, including English language and Mathematics at not more than 2 sittings in the GCE, SSCE (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB)

All the combinations shown in the table meet the entry requirements for direct admission into Degree Programmes in the University of Benin and other JUPEB affiliate Universities which include, OAU, UNILAG, UNN, UYO, FUTA, FUNAAB, UNIPORT etc.

Duration of Programme

The duration of the study is a minimum of one Academic Session of TWO SEMESTERS. It is strictly non-residential programme.

Method Of Application

Interested candidates are to purchase application forms online from the university web site with valid VERVE VISA OR MASTERCARD ATM BANK CARD from any commercial bank in Nigeria for the non-refundable application fee of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00) The fee excludes bank charges.

The application form must be correctly filled with all information required before submitting online and thereafter printed out.

  • ON the uniben website,
  • Click on the WAEUP PORTAL LINK
  • Click on REGISTER FOR APPLICATION and fill out application after reading instructions on the page
  • Upload a recent coloured passport size photograph (scanned, not more than 3 months old passport) with red background. Webcam photograph is not acceptable.
  • Submit the online application form and print out a copy of the examination schedule slip which should have your user name and password.
  • All candidates are required to use valid e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.




Government/Literature in English/Christian

Religious Studies

History/ Literature in English/Christian Religious Studies

Economics, Government/Literature in English



All the combination in 1,3,4,5,6,7&8


Management/Social Sciences

Economics/Government/Mathematics Mathematics/Geography/Economics Economics/Business Studies//Government Accounting/Economics/Government Economics/Government/Geography CRS/Economics/Government



Government/Literature in English/Christian

Religious Studies


Life Sciences



Physical Sciences











Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science/Biology/Chemistry

Mode of Study

Face to face contact at the JUPEB Study Centre, University of Benin,. Lectures will be conducted from 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.


  • Fill your Bio-Data correctly as no complaint about wrong bio-data will be entertained after
  • Candidates who upload wrong bio-data will be disqualified and forfeit application
  • Only coloured print out will be
  • Print at least 4 copies of the University of Benin online registration form with complete passport size photograph printed in colour.
  • Candidates are to follow the application instructions very carefully and ensure they select the subject combinations relevant to their course of study

Closing Date: Application Closes at Midnight on Friday August 17th 2018.

Entrance Examination: The Entrance Examination into the Foundation Programme will hold at the University of Benin on SATURDAY, August 25th 2018.


Mrs. O. A. Oshodin


Prof. Yohanna Tella Appointed As KASU New Deputy VC


Prof. Abdullahi Ashafa has been appointed the new Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic of the Kaduna State University (KASU).

Also appointed is Prof. Yohanna Tella, a Professor of Mathematics, as Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration.

The Public Relations Officer of the university, Adamu Bargo told the News Agency of Nigeria,NAN, on Tuesday in Kaduna that the appointments were ratified by the Senate of the university at its 85th meeting.

Until his appointment, Ashafa, a Professor of Diplomatic History was the Dean of Post-Graduate School of the institution, while Tella was the deputy dean of the school.

Ashafa and Tella will take over from Prof. Ado Ahmed and Prof. Alexander Kure, the outgoing DVC Academic and DVC Administration respectively.

Similarly, Prof. John Laah, the Dean of Sciences will now head the Post-Graduate School, subject to confirmation by the university’s governing council.

I Have Fed Mouths That Have Cursed Me – Toke Makinwa Exposes Her Colleagues


Media personality, Toke Makinwa has taken to her Twitter handle to drop some motivational words to her followers as she threw a shade at a colleague of hers who was jealous of her progression.

She also revealed that she has fed mouths that have cursed her. Read her tweets below…

“Last night conversation with my day 1 Isoken brought back so many memories of my early days

Funny how people see the now and feel it just happened, what my eye has seen in this industry to get to where I am today ehn….. God is good

From “her own is too much, she’ll do anything for attention, it’s all hype, eww this YouTube thing she does etc” now almost everyone has Vlogs, taking pictures, putting themselves out there, my people focus on your focus and do you.

People hate what they want so bad, they hate you cos you are not afraid to live. You take the risk, they steady praying it’ll fail and once it doesn’t, they hate you for daring to be different.

I have fed mouths that have cursed me, stuck my neck out for people that’ll take my plate in a heartbeat. But for God, my own for don finish
Just keep praying, working, fighting for your own, trust that God doesn’t sleep and he sees it all. You will always win

One time I got an opportunity to host a gig, I was in a meeting with the organizers when a colleague of mine called in, the phone was on speaker and the first thing she asked was why Toke Makinwa? I’ve been here longer than her, I’ll do it for half of what she’s demanding“

Block title